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  • Croatians drive on the right hand side of the road so if you are coming from somewhere like the UK where driving on the left is standard then it could take a bit of getting used to when cycling.

  • It gets very hot in Summer and the cool breeze from the sea when cycling at the coast will not protect your skin from getting burnt.  If you are cycling in Summer , then try to cycle in the more pleasant morning temperatures.  Also make sure you apply plenty of sunscreen and ensure that your jersey will properly protect you from the sun.

  • Following on from this, dehydration can be a concern in the hot temperatures.  Luckily Croatian tap water is perfectly safe not to mention tastes good so you should have no problem filling up your bidons.

  • Croatian drivers tend to be quite fast and aggressive but generally give cyclists plenty of room.  The routes here have been designed to keep you away from the busiest of roads as much as possible but it is inevitable that you will have to cycle on busier roads particularly close to main towns.  As always, make yourself visible and take a confident position on the road.

  • When renting a road bike in Croatia double-check whether the front brake uses the right hand (UK) or the left hand (Europe).  Get this wrong and you will fly over the handlebars when you accidently grab a fistful of front brake.

  • Wear a helmet.  If you are under 16 then this is a legal requirement in Croatia.  If you are over 16 and don’t wear a helmet then I am surprised you made it this far to be perfectly honest. 

  • Because the routes in this guide favour rural location to take you away from traffic, the compromise is the risk of being chased by semi-feral dogs.  The sensible advice is to get off your bike, put your bike between you and the dog and calmly walk past.

  • Obey all traffic signals and signs. 

  • Signal your intentions on the road.

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