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"Does anyone want to join me on a cycle from Glasgow right to the top of the Hebrides?

This was a question we all got over the group chat about five years ago and despite not really ridden a bike since a teenager I immediately replied in the positive.  The idea was epic.  The details could wait.

Cheap road bike purchased and pretty much zero training later, we cycled our way north taking in the stunning beauty for which Scotland has no equal.  Nine days later, battered by the elements and the climbs I knew that cycling was now part of my life again.

Cycling and coffee.  Croatia and Coffee.  Need I say any more?


It doesn't have the same cache as a cycling paradise as some places but all the ingredients are there so it is my job to show you how to make the most out of cycling in this beautiful country.

I am a busy guy with a demanding job and a family so I understand the plight of the time-poor cyclist.  I am a road cyclist and enjoy the pursuit of speed so this website is tailor made for those who feel at home at a tempo speed and perhaps the odd sprint to road signs.  

I hope to see you on the road.  Don't forget to wave.

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