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Cycling Catwalk

Ag2r La Mondiale

Is it even possible to look past the fact that once again the team has opted for brown shorts. Honestly, if I was an aspiring pro and this was the only team that wanted me then this fact alone might make me think twice and get a real job.

One where brown shorts are not part of the uniform.

You hear brown shorts and you think the kit will be terrible but in fairness there are a lot worse and somehow, somehow, it seems to hold together.


If the city of Astana is anywhere near as bland as the team jersey then I will give it a miss. The darker blue shorts somehow lend the kit a bit respectability but overall it does not set the heather alight.

Bahrain Merida

I team in general that I am largely ambivalent about the team and their kit does not help. Red top, blue shorts and I have nothing more to say on the matter.

BMC Racing Team

The geometric red pattern against the largely black top is just plain weird. I can only assume it is some sort of ode to Switzerland.

And if you are going to get a new sponsor then at least get one whose colour branding matches with your kit. The blue of Sophos in this case does not. It does stand out however so I suppose they win.


Sagan races for them. He is always world road champion. Basically I am trying to say that I never really see their kit in front of the camera.

I am reliably informed it is soft green and black combination but even having watched close to thirty hours of live racing on TV this year I have not seen it.


I actually love pink in clothing but they have went for a sort of neon pink rather than the much more subtle and classy Giro pink (this should be an actual category of pink). Overall I quite like this kits and the finishing touches of argyle pattern on the green sleeve trim.

It is probably the best thing about this team.

Dimension Data

Simple and understated in green and white. The sponsors are not too intrusive on this one and I like the subtle stripes on the sleeves.

Lotto NL Jumbo

Black and yellow and truly horrendous. If I did win the lottery I would gladly pay a proper professional to be employed to redesign their kit.

Lotto Soudal

Quite a retro design and that is no bad thing. That is basically all I can come up with for this kit.


They have done away with the lime-green “M” in favour of white. The kit is a more blue colour that then fades to the darker blue we are accustomed too. I like it and think it is one of the classier tops in the pro-peloton.

Quick-Step Floors

Its Quick-Step so it is blue and like their talented riders is a model of consistency. It is hard not to like probably because it gets so much exposure.

Team Katusha-Alpecin

One of my favourite jerseys in the pro-peloton and although I was sceptical of the light blue shoulders at first, it is a subtle enough change. The branding works well with the jersey and does not look like an afterthought like some other teams.

Team Sky

In an attempt to no doubt change their image within the sport, Sky have now went full time to a predominantly white jersey. I always thought their dark kit was classy looking but like the contrast now.

In a further bit of PR they are now racing not only for the yellow jersey but also to save whales or something. I think that is why there is a giant killer whale on the back of their jersey.

My main criticism is the lazy way they have just botched a big black square on the front of the jersey that ruins any sleekness of the monochrome white.

Team Sunweb

Despite looking like a referee this is a classy kit. White and black in just the right proportions with a hint of red as per the sponsor that adds some charm.

UAE – Team Emirates

I guess the biggest talking point for this rather bland kit is the fact that Alexander Kristoff (as European road champion) has opted for white shorts.

It is a bold move and one that few would dare to attempt. I am now really struggling to comment on cycling fashion as you can probably tell.

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